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How it works

Push JSON data to JSON Trace via private hashes and analyze them together.

Pipe in JSON output and see differences over time or configurations.

Upload from multiple locations to compare different environments.

  1. Install the script on any hosts you want to push data to JSON Trace.
  2. Create a diff bucket. Your bucket will get a private UUID which is a "write only" secret. Anyone with the secret can write to the UUID but cannot read data previously read.
  3. Run --append [your uuid] --file [json file] from one or more hosts. You can also run your_cmd_that_creates_json | --append [your uuid]
  4. You can append up to 8 files into a single diff bucket.
  5. View your bucket here and run an analysis!
Install the script
  • Download from GitHub
  • or with wget:
  • or with curl:
  1. Move the script somewhere handy, such as ~/bin or /usr/local/bin/
  2. chmod +x on the script if you want
  3. Verify the python command at the top of the script by running it.

Hover over a node to see info & stats.

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